Christmas Trees

Explore our "Cut Your Own" Tree Fields and Choose A Tree. All that's left to do is to cut, shake, and bale!

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Trees Available

Find The Baby Black Bear

Watch for Bandit the baby black bear! Every Saturday and Sunday, watch for the baby black bear hiding in a tree. Find the bear and take both the bear and the tree home for free!

Watch For The

Black Bear Special.

Douglas Fir

A dense tree with soft, light green needles. The perfect option for anyone on a budget.

Fraser Fir

A tree with good needle retention, strong branches, and that classic Christmas tree smell and shape.

Colorado Spruce

A gorgeous tree with bluish-gray color and good symmetry. Looks lovely in any home.

White Spruce

A tree with short, stiff needles and strong branches makes it an excellent ornament hanger.

Scotch Pine

A sturdy tree that will last you all season with minimal clean up and maximum beauty.