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Join us for a magical family christmas

Schmidt’s Tree Farm is the perfect place to find your ideal Christmas tree or to lose yourself in the joy and wonder of the season. Come, join us, and get lost in the enchanting world of Christmas.

Amidst the twinkling lights, the scent of evergreens, and the taste of warm hot cocoa, you'll feel the magic come alive.

The Magic

Begins Here

Schmidt’s Christmas Tree Farm was started in 1970 by Joan and Ellis planting about 2 acres of Scotch Pine seedlings. Over the years we have gradually expanded until today we have about 30 acres of trees. We currently are growing a number of tree species including Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir, Colorado Spruce and several other true firs and spruces. Our son Erich joined us in the business in 1998.

A festive time for you

and your whole family.

Douglas Fir

A dense tree with soft, light green needles. The perfect option for anyone on a budget.

Fraser Fir

A tree with good needle retention, strong branches, and that classic Christmas tree smell and shape.

Colorado Spruce

A gorgeous tree with bluish-gray color and good symmetry. Looks lovely in any home.

White Spruce

A tree with short, stiff needles and strong branches makes it an excellent ornament hanger.

Scotch Pine

A sturdy tree that will last you all season with minimal clean up and maximum beauty.
If you're looking to make a holiday tradition, you've found the right place. Always a fun time here. There are so many trees to pick from. You can grab an already-cut tree or take a tractor ride out to the tree fields and cut one down yourself. Free hot cocoa, and you can buy kettle corn for a dollar. Most of the time there are some wine samples from the local winery. My favorite part is that this farm is properly staffed and runs like clockwork. Depending on when you get here, the lines are short but even if the line is long it's not much of wait.
Local Customer

Pick a tree, Drink Some Hot

cocoa, and make a memory.

Enjoy Your

Visit With Us

We are more than just a tree farm – we are an experience. Whether you’re looking for a pre-cut tree or want to embark on a hunt for the perfect choose-and-cut through our acres of firs and spruces, your time with us will be magical. We have hot cocoa and kettle corn that will spark the Christmas spirit and get you ready to celebrate the season.